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May 29, 2013

It’s been quite some time since we blogged

We just did a check and the last time we posted a blog was March 18th. That is good in a way that we don’t oversaturate your time, but also bad because it makes it appear that we are inactive – which is exactly the opposite of why there was such a lapse of time since our last post. We are going to try to catch you up within the next week or two.
In short we’ve been busy doing several fashion editorials, test shots for a talent agency, and various other projects.
Here are a few test shots we did with a model for Tout Agency in Charleston.

For our photography friends:
Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID
Leaf Aptus 65
Capture One Software
Profoto D1 Monoblocs 1000ws
Thunder Gray Paper Backdrop
Canvas Backdrop

Thanks for hanging in there with us!!

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May 10, 2012

My photo morning 05-10-12 – by KLinh

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I’ve always understood cities to be very diverse. Yes, admittedly some are more so than others. I feel no need to present an example, so I’ll just kindly press forward. This morning I decided instead of opening up our storefront that I would head on into Columbia, SC. and do a little self promotion by way of street photography. So I started out one block away from the our State House and the following images are my results. ¬†I’ll put captions under each one to guide you through my photo morning.

This is an area known as “The Horse Shoe” lot’s of students studying and making there way throughout the day

Remember I mentioned “Diversity” and I am in South Carolina

This was taken in front of the State House

Some Architecture of our state house

I needed some exercise so I walked to the top

On my way back down I was passed by a Titan So I snapped this picture hoping to get approval.

Approval received — so I kept on shooting while he did one of the most rigorous workouts I’ve seen in never!! Think about it – I walked to the top because I needed exercise

Pretty Cool – from portrait photographer to sports street photographer!!

And I finally got to shoot my Rocky Balboa Picture — with Apollo!!! Sweet!!!

Remember diversity —- all the while — this was going on right behind me.

Good Ole SC. With respect everyone I spoke to this morning was wonderful — especially Apollo — he was awesome.. ps – that’s not his real name. but I was in awe of him.

I think I’m gonna try and do more of this as it was such a wonderful experience.

All Finishing work on photos by Evelyn Grace

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
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August 16, 2011

Kim and Brett engagement

A Corvette, a 1966 Chevelle or a slew of Harley’s to choose from. We chose the Chevelle ūüôā But seriously, no matter what you choose….always make it about the loving couple. Kim and Brett were ¬†so wonderful and easy to work with. They tolerated the heat that South Carolina can bring and let me tell ya’….it was hot. There was a lot of perspiring going on, which was another reason we tried to do most of their engagement shoot in the evening, besides the beautiful sky at night. We especially love the lake shots with the sunset. The Colors where so amazing. We were originally going to be just doing photography in their swimming pool, but the lake was more inviting and romantic and hey, let’s face it: Not many people have a luxurious lake right off their back yard. Brett and Kim where eager to please as to get the best shots possible for their engagement shoot. Very different from your typical Engagement shoot, but that is what we are known for. We thought we would share some of these with you. Shout out to Kim’s wonderful make up and hair artist “Kimmy” who made Kim look like a movie star in this heat. The photo shoot was a two day process due to the heat, but it leant itself into giving us different looks and a more rounded story. I think we captured the essence of the couple and are looking forward to the Bridal shoot next. ¬†Here is there engagement book in which we designed (shout out to GraphiStudio in Italy as well)

Front cover wrapped hardcover - landscape design

Negative space can have a big impact. And why not start with a big impact.

these images on the pages are so refreshing. Starting to notice a theme?

awww those reflections:)

Brett has the coolest poster in his garage. We had to get the theme. Doesn't he look absolutely dangerous?

Sweet Serenity in the Lake.

Playful in the pool.

Hooray for Kim for being able to take direction with her ears in the pool.Wow! Once again, those beautiful reflections.

Why stop there? We are just drying off....gotta finish the story right?

This seems a little voyeuristic but they knew we where there:)

All I can say is Windex glass cleaner.....Lot's of Windex:)

And this is how you end the book......to be continued....

June 19, 2011

Shannon Ford aka Miss Teen South Carolina World 2011

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As you all know, we specialize in wedding photography and of course the post before this one was regarding awareness and just having a heart and being human, but every now and then something irresistible stirs the water.

Meet Shannon Ford, she is Miss Teen South Carolina World 2011
Here are a few from the photoshoot:

June 8, 2011

Here is a breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

We believe that every business should have some kind of value system that in some way represents the company as a whole. If you haven’t been to our website, we have these listed in short on our about us page. ¬†We thought it would be nice to provide a more detailed description of that list with this blog entry.

So here is our list. ¬† We’d be curious to know what your list is.¬†

About Us as Wedding Photographers:

1. We are two professional photographers working as one to provide you with the best wedding photography experience possible:¬†We are not competing with each other here, we believe that in most circumstances, when we photograph a subject, we are posing and positioning them for the best light and camera perspective possible and to us that usually means one angle. Either one of us can take the proper exposure. Please keep in mind the phrase “most circumstances”. ¬† Also consider this: Isn’t one great photographer better than 50 bad ones?

We are here to bring out the beautiful in you: We photograph normal everyday couples whom are getting married¬†and seek us out for what? ¬†To make them look what? ¬†horrible and unattractive? —- nooooooo. ¬†They seek us out for our professionalism and our ability and our vision to make them appear more exceptionally beautiful than they already are in a photograph. An enhancement of reality so to speak. After all, no one really stands in a pose ready for a photograph all of the time. (If you know someone like this, I will right now advise you to advise them to seek advice and possibly do a little research on the word: Narcissistic) To take this statement even further: You may have noticed that on our website in the bottom right corner there is a cross representing that we are Christians and we believe firmly and faithfully in Jesus Christ. Here comes the twist: ¬†We strive to be like Jesus Christ and he see’s the beautiful in everyone, therefore we will see the beautiful in you – Inside and Out.¬†¬† (You know that us being Christians – we just had to get that in there.)

Your Wedding will be treated and viewed as Fine Art: We believe this has set us apart in the past, it sets us apart now and will continue to set us apart in the future.

We are not here for quantity, we represent quality: Which would you prefer – 50 horrible photographs or one amazing Fine Art Print? Let’s face it, moments come and go and we wish we could capture them all, but it’s the finer moments in life we are trained to capture. We are not going to show up and treat our cameras as if they were machine guns.

We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own:  This brings us back to the Fine Art statement.

Your Wedding Book will be a work of art: We are building and photographing for “Your Book of Love” right? ¬†In our opinion there is no such thing as a professional scrap booker. ¬†Now that’s not accounting for bad taste. ¬†We keep it simple and clutter free. In other words: We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own.¬†

Yes, we are available for destination photography: ¬†hmmmmm, why wouldn’t we be? ¬†We love coconut rum, fine dining in France, wine in Italy, oh how the list goes on.

A DVD or CD is considered a back up and means of storage: We can’t stress this enough. There is now a huge virtual black hole in which beautiful photographs have disappeared into. We encourage physical prints. We as photographers owe that to you as our clients. We feel that the consumer as a whole has been mislead into believing that receiving a DVD or CD of their wedding day is the best deal there is. We understand the digital format, our workflow is digital, we also understand certain circumstances where budget won’t allow a physical print, however, the end result or intended goal should eventually
be physical. At the very least, be mindful of it. We have so much to offer as photographers, we have so much to be proud of and you as clients deserve our best.

And there you have it – A breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

KLinh and Evelyn Grace
Fine Art Wedding Photography in SC

March 10, 2011

Beautiful Bridal Shoot

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Wow! Kristy looks so sweet and innocent with a mix of sultry. She truly looks like a fairy tale princess. This shoot was so enjoyable as Kristy is a natural in front of the camera. Here are just a few for your viewing pleasure:)



























































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