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June 18, 2013

In the photography studio with Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film and a Model in 2013

Recently we were loaned a 35mm canon camera to test out some expired kodak film. Long story short on that one because the film was clearly expired and the scans were less than satisfactory to post. Well – our 35mm journey did not stop there 🙂 – One day last week I was out and about at the local Rite Aid and I stumbled across some of my favorite black and white film which is Kodak Tri-x 400 35mm film. It was a whopping $10 per roll, but I purchased 2 rolls of it anyway. When I got back home I asked Evelyn if she would put in a call to the modeling agency we have been shooting with this past year and asked them if they had any models that needed to update and possibly test with us.  They were more than happy to send a model by the name of Spencer to us for a Saturday session to see what we could do with Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film. We are more than extremely pleased with the results. Here are some of our favorites. We only used one roll of  Tri-X for Spencer, the other roll we used on family.

Fashion photography Session with Model: Spencer Green of TouT Modeling and Talent Agency (Charlotte Division)
Camera: EOS Canon Elan 7NE 35mm provided by: Forrest Clonts Studio
Lens: Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS
Lighting: Profoto D1 1000ws and Canon 580exII on outdoor shots.
Developer: Ilfotec DDX (1+4) 8min at 68C


There you have it!!  — Kodak Moments!!!

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Fashion Portrait Photography


September 18, 2012

Barnes Jewelers “Test Market”

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We encourage test marketing for companies that want to push certain items but aren’t quite sure of the best products to push. This can
save a lot of $ on the front end while resulting in a more focused marketing campaign. The end result is profit.

The following photos are from Barnes Jewelers “Test Line”  — We are going to be putting this line up against another product jewelry line that they represent to
see which results in more prosperous sales.

Here are the photos:

Diamond in A Pearl

Tahitian Turquoise Pearl Black

Amethyst Green Quartz

Diamond and Sapphire

Ruby and Diamond

Selected Model to Promote Product.


KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Commercial Product Photography
Lexington SC 29072









August 29, 2012

Great Testimonial & Review from Faithful Foods Inc.

Kudos to KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography on far exceeding my lofty expectations with their insightful, incredibly creative photographs of my Faithful Foods products. Food photography can be quite complicated even though the subject matter may be very simple. For each of our gourmet product shots a tremendous amount of thought, creativity and skill was needed to guarantee the perfect picture-one that best expresses the quality, color, texture and taste of our foods. This was accomplished for each product from the simple shots of the packages themselves with no hint of a shadow to the incredibly rich and spicy fruit “sal-suh” which actually makes your mouth water!

Each product was photographed in such a way so as to best entice our customers into sampling our foods and eventually purchasing them. A number of the photos have been posted on Faithful foods inc. on facebook. Each has received rave reviews and has actually driven traffic into the store

KLinh (Kendell Linh) and Evelyn Grace are an incredible team each with their own set of skills and talents and a harmonious marriage (literally and figuratively speaking) of talent, enthusiasm and creativity. They have a speedy turn around time, and an attention to detail rarely seen now. They shoot in incredibly high resolution so photos of all sizes are available, from small framed selections to eye popping billboards. They also have an extensive array of top notch state of the art equipment to handle your every photographic need and now have a top notch studio for product and commercial work. I look forward to future photo shoots with KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography and highly recommend them to anyone who wants their product photography to be truly outstanding!

Heidi Black, President Bringing You Baskets and Faithful Foods, Inc.

Serving the Midlands since 1986. 803.957.3602 info@faithfulfoods.com




KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Commercial Product Division
Located in:
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC. 29072


July 26, 2012

A Couple of New Additions

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These past two months at KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography are not going to dwindle into the back of our minds without stamping its footprint on our business first. We’ve made some choices that have caused serious transitions within us personally as well as the way we operate. First of all, we have integrated several new tools into our workflow. One of them being a Mamiya medium format camera system which is capable of shooting film as well as digital. Our experience with the Mamiya camera is plain and simple: We feel that it’s a better fit for our portrait sessions and yes – it does take a much better precise photograph than our 35mm Canon system. It would be unfair to compare the two – they both have there +’s and -‘s, so we are using both.

Another addition that we our proud of is in our staff.

Meet Brittney:

Brittney will be running our In Studio Portrait Sessions.

Brittney will be starting here at the studio on Friday August 10th. She will be running our In House Portrait Sessions starting on Fridays and then adding additional portrait days after her Friday’s book up. We are now taking appointments for Brittney. The Sessions have no sitting fee thus enabling you more freedom in purchasing only the prints and print sizes that you want. There are no high pressure sales, no membership or subscription requirements and there are absolutely zero catches  – just great photographs.  This is perfect for New borns, Seniors, Headshots, Holiday Cards, etc. For more information click here: In House Portrait Sessions read on…….

With the addition of Brittney comes the bonus of new technology to make her and your experience all around wonderful. We are introducing wireless tethered shooting into our workflow. What…huh? This simply means that while Brittney is photographing,  you (the customer) will be able to sit back on our couch with an iPad or iPhone and view the pictures live the moment that they are shot. You will be able to rate each picture with a one to five star rating. While you rate each picture – the photo finisher (Evelyn or myself) are notified of your favorites. Magic

We have noticed that within the Lexington SC area there really is no portrait studio besides the Olan Mills studio in Kmart. No offense to Kmart or Olan Mills but, this is our “Professional” solution for the people of Lexington. Go to our site by clicking here: Website   — We think you’ll be very pleased with our high level of skill as professional photographers.


Thanks Everyone for your current and continued support.


KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
located in:
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC 29072
Portrait photography in Lexington SC




December 14, 2011

A witness to growth

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Today I was a part of something pretty cool. I’m going to make the assumption that some of you already know that I teach photography and I have one particular student that is exceptional. Well, yesterday this particular student did a quick family session and today he arrived excited to show me the results and do some finishing. Well, here is why I was a witness to growth.
Beginning photography students tend to overshoot and they spend most of their time caught up in culling down the amount of photos to a fair and reasonable amount. The result is that one’s productivity drops and the photographer just accepts that this is just the way it is (So not true!). Today my student showed up with a minimal amount of exposures, thus overcoming the obstacle of overshooting  (SO VERY COOL).  

Secondly, another falsehood that budding photographers make is saying to themselves “I’ll just take the photo and crop it later.” Well, there are so many reasons why this is just bad practice to get into or it just may be a pet peeve of mine and if it is then forgive me, but I’m a hard mind to change. Besides, my #1 reason is that I prefer to shoot a product as close to the end product that I visualize as possible. I don’t like to shoot and fix.  I prefer to shoot and finish, plus again – it cuts into production time. Well, I think you know where this is heading, my student loaded up the photos and most of them (90%) were cropped in camera and on location. Now, in my mind that is a witness to growth!

So what right? That is for you to decide, but as far as I’m concerned “SCORE!!!”

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share a moment.


The promotion part of the blog: Remember to spread the word that we just opened up a new division in our company that involves family and high school seniors. When you spread the word about us you are subconsciously making the choice towards Fine Art Photography, a well thought out composition instead of a mere blast of light. 

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington SC 29072




November 30, 2011

Portraits for the discerning family

Before we get to the main topic of interest, we thought we would sideswipe your frame of mind for a second and implant a baby seed that we will need you to water and nourish in a few moments. Up until now – we at KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography have solely put most of our efforts into photographing weddings. Why? – pourquoi? Well, pardon our french but we find that answer quite simple.  It’s what we love and it happens to also be what we excel at.

So – here is the sideswipe:

  • As wedding photographers – do we ever need to photograph families?  YES!! Every Wedding 🙂
  • Do we have to be top of our game with the way we work with families? YES! Every Moment 🙂
  • Do we love photographing families? YES! Every Exposure 🙂
  1. Do we take pride in every family photograph we do? You Bet!! We rise to it 🙂

Here is the seed we mentioned earlier:

Here is how you water and nourish your seed:
Be a part of our growing family by Scheduling your appointment. We do all location photography, We will sit down with you and build the perfect Fine Art Family Print. Give us a call, email us, or stop by our studio which happens to be opening it’s doors Friday morning at 10:00am.  12.2.02.   See you soon.

Thank You Everyone For Your Continued Support.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography LLC
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC 29072

July 19, 2011

Our Meet and Greet Room

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Early on in 2011 we were seriously contemplating opening up a storefront. Not only were we serious, we were hours away from signing the lease before God redirected us. As most of our bridal and engagement sessions require travel and are not usually studio related we didn’t want to be tied down to a store front that we would never be present in. Long story short, we didn’t sign the lease. Still not solving our situation, we needed a place to meet our couples that didn’t make them feel uncomfortable. You know that feeling when you enter someones home versus entering a public establishment like a business. So, We decided to section off the very front room of our home as our new meet and greet room.  It is the very first room – there is a lovely powder room to the right to accommodate our clients and the meet and greet room to the left will be soon adorned with fine art wedding photography. There is no need to venture further into the living space. Prior to this, it was our piano room in which we are blessed to have. This allows us to maintain a professional appearance without the distractions of residential life.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.

This is very close to what couples will see upon entry

A different perspective (up those stairs is the photography studio – where we sometimes shoot as well as finish.)

Thank you for spreading the word.


June 8, 2011

Here is a breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

We believe that every business should have some kind of value system that in some way represents the company as a whole. If you haven’t been to our website, we have these listed in short on our about us page.  We thought it would be nice to provide a more detailed description of that list with this blog entry.

So here is our list.   We’d be curious to know what your list is. 

About Us as Wedding Photographers:

1. We are two professional photographers working as one to provide you with the best wedding photography experience possible: We are not competing with each other here, we believe that in most circumstances, when we photograph a subject, we are posing and positioning them for the best light and camera perspective possible and to us that usually means one angle. Either one of us can take the proper exposure. Please keep in mind the phrase “most circumstances”.   Also consider this: Isn’t one great photographer better than 50 bad ones?

We are here to bring out the beautiful in you: We photograph normal everyday couples whom are getting married and seek us out for what?  To make them look what?  horrible and unattractive? —- nooooooo.  They seek us out for our professionalism and our ability and our vision to make them appear more exceptionally beautiful than they already are in a photograph. An enhancement of reality so to speak. After all, no one really stands in a pose ready for a photograph all of the time. (If you know someone like this, I will right now advise you to advise them to seek advice and possibly do a little research on the word: Narcissistic) To take this statement even further: You may have noticed that on our website in the bottom right corner there is a cross representing that we are Christians and we believe firmly and faithfully in Jesus Christ. Here comes the twist:  We strive to be like Jesus Christ and he see’s the beautiful in everyone, therefore we will see the beautiful in you – Inside and Out.   (You know that us being Christians – we just had to get that in there.)

Your Wedding will be treated and viewed as Fine Art: We believe this has set us apart in the past, it sets us apart now and will continue to set us apart in the future.

We are not here for quantity, we represent quality: Which would you prefer – 50 horrible photographs or one amazing Fine Art Print? Let’s face it, moments come and go and we wish we could capture them all, but it’s the finer moments in life we are trained to capture. We are not going to show up and treat our cameras as if they were machine guns.

We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own:  This brings us back to the Fine Art statement.

Your Wedding Book will be a work of art: We are building and photographing for “Your Book of Love” right?  In our opinion there is no such thing as a professional scrap booker.  Now that’s not accounting for bad taste.  We keep it simple and clutter free. In other words: We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own. 

Yes, we are available for destination photography:  hmmmmm, why wouldn’t we be?  We love coconut rum, fine dining in France, wine in Italy, oh how the list goes on.

A DVD or CD is considered a back up and means of storage: We can’t stress this enough. There is now a huge virtual black hole in which beautiful photographs have disappeared into. We encourage physical prints. We as photographers owe that to you as our clients. We feel that the consumer as a whole has been mislead into believing that receiving a DVD or CD of their wedding day is the best deal there is. We understand the digital format, our workflow is digital, we also understand certain circumstances where budget won’t allow a physical print, however, the end result or intended goal should eventually
be physical. At the very least, be mindful of it. We have so much to offer as photographers, we have so much to be proud of and you as clients deserve our best.

And there you have it – A breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

KLinh and Evelyn Grace
Fine Art Wedding Photography in SC

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