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June 18, 2013

In the photography studio with Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film and a Model in 2013

Recently we were loaned a 35mm canon camera to test out some expired kodak film. Long story short on that one because the film was clearly expired and the scans were less than satisfactory to post. Well – our 35mm journey did not stop there 🙂 – One day last week I was out and about at the local Rite Aid and I stumbled across some of my favorite black and white film which is Kodak Tri-x 400 35mm film. It was a whopping $10 per roll, but I purchased 2 rolls of it anyway. When I got back home I asked Evelyn if she would put in a call to the modeling agency we have been shooting with this past year and asked them if they had any models that needed to update and possibly test with us.  They were more than happy to send a model by the name of Spencer to us for a Saturday session to see what we could do with Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film. We are more than extremely pleased with the results. Here are some of our favorites. We only used one roll of  Tri-X for Spencer, the other roll we used on family.

Fashion photography Session with Model: Spencer Green of TouT Modeling and Talent Agency (Charlotte Division)
Camera: EOS Canon Elan 7NE 35mm provided by: Forrest Clonts Studio
Lens: Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS
Lighting: Profoto D1 1000ws and Canon 580exII on outdoor shots.
Developer: Ilfotec DDX (1+4) 8min at 68C


There you have it!!  — Kodak Moments!!!

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Fashion Portrait Photography


May 29, 2013

It’s been quite some time since we blogged

We just did a check and the last time we posted a blog was March 18th. That is good in a way that we don’t oversaturate your time, but also bad because it makes it appear that we are inactive – which is exactly the opposite of why there was such a lapse of time since our last post. We are going to try to catch you up within the next week or two.
In short we’ve been busy doing several fashion editorials, test shots for a talent agency, and various other projects.
Here are a few test shots we did with a model for Tout Agency in Charleston.

For our photography friends:
Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID
Leaf Aptus 65
Capture One Software
Profoto D1 Monoblocs 1000ws
Thunder Gray Paper Backdrop
Canvas Backdrop

Thanks for hanging in there with us!!

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February 8, 2013

Current Promotion

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Current Promotion

In Studio Portrait Session Promotion

July 26, 2012

A Couple of New Additions

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These past two months at KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography are not going to dwindle into the back of our minds without stamping its footprint on our business first. We’ve made some choices that have caused serious transitions within us personally as well as the way we operate. First of all, we have integrated several new tools into our workflow. One of them being a Mamiya medium format camera system which is capable of shooting film as well as digital. Our experience with the Mamiya camera is plain and simple: We feel that it’s a better fit for our portrait sessions and yes – it does take a much better precise photograph than our 35mm Canon system. It would be unfair to compare the two – they both have there +’s and -‘s, so we are using both.

Another addition that we our proud of is in our staff.

Meet Brittney:

Brittney will be running our In Studio Portrait Sessions.

Brittney will be starting here at the studio on Friday August 10th. She will be running our In House Portrait Sessions starting on Fridays and then adding additional portrait days after her Friday’s book up. We are now taking appointments for Brittney. The Sessions have no sitting fee thus enabling you more freedom in purchasing only the prints and print sizes that you want. There are no high pressure sales, no membership or subscription requirements and there are absolutely zero catches  – just great photographs.  This is perfect for New borns, Seniors, Headshots, Holiday Cards, etc. For more information click here: In House Portrait Sessions read on…….

With the addition of Brittney comes the bonus of new technology to make her and your experience all around wonderful. We are introducing wireless tethered shooting into our workflow. What…huh? This simply means that while Brittney is photographing,  you (the customer) will be able to sit back on our couch with an iPad or iPhone and view the pictures live the moment that they are shot. You will be able to rate each picture with a one to five star rating. While you rate each picture – the photo finisher (Evelyn or myself) are notified of your favorites. Magic

We have noticed that within the Lexington SC area there really is no portrait studio besides the Olan Mills studio in Kmart. No offense to Kmart or Olan Mills but, this is our “Professional” solution for the people of Lexington. Go to our site by clicking here: Website   — We think you’ll be very pleased with our high level of skill as professional photographers.


Thanks Everyone for your current and continued support.


KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
located in:
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC 29072
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May 2, 2012

Seasonally appropriate – High School Senior Photography

Many times we get asked – or – told that “This is wedding season and you must be busy.” Our response is merely: Sure there are more popular times of the year than others, but we cover weddings all year round. In other words – Love and Weddings do not have a particular season. However – do you know what does? do ya? do ya?…….. Graduating seniors!! Yippe!!!

Which is why this blog entry is entitled “Seasonally appropriate”
The following book layout is a design of a Cap’n’Gown Senior photography session we did several weeks ago. If you’ve been to our portrait website and visited the featured books then you most likely have seen this layout. This family is very close to Evelyn and I. The mother in the session was my (KLinh) nurse when I was not feeling up to par several years ago. That’s how we met and we’ve been close ever since. In fact, she was here at the studio this morning to pick up a print order. 🙂

Book Cover

Check out the bird that made it into the exposure – off to the right

And that is how we roll out a Cap’n’Gown high school senior photography session!!

Thanks for viewing!

Don’t forget to schedule your Senior Photography Session.
Remember: The difference exists only in refinement.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
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November 28, 2011

Some quick Bridal Portraits from last weeks wedding

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Here are some quick Bridal Portraits from last weeks wedding.
It was when the bride arrived at the church.
Thanks for viewing and don’t forget
Our Photo gallery and Studio are opening our doors to the public this Friday Dec. 2nd 2011

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography LLC
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington SC. 29072

November 8, 2011

We are Moving to a new location!!

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Today was a very monumental day for KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography. We signed a lease and secured a storefront in the Shoppes at Flight Deck Shopping Center. It has been over a year since we have been searching and today at 3:00 our search ended. Last week we were discussing how the perfect location for us would be in the Flight Deck Shopping Center due to it’s location, the other shops in the center and the exposure being at the core center of Lexington SC. Well, last Monday we found that the corner space was open for lease. Needless to say we hopped all over it and tomorrow reconstruction begins.  So, thank you all for your support in the past, present and future. Here are a few photos of our new location.

We are on the Corner Lot!!

Such a quaint location - Old world type of feel

More to come soon.

November 28, 2010

A Traditional Family Photo Shoot

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We love trying new things, we love learning, we love breaking the rules………..but not all of the time.
There is a time and place for everything and today the time and place called for tradition.
So stand up straight, be proud, think classic and shoot.

1. The classic diamond shape
Traditional Family Portrait

2. Kids will always be kids – isn’t that tradition? or just a given?
kids being kids

3. When asked to do something fun……they will never hesitate
Kids jumping

4. Always begin the traditional portrait from the center out starting with the eldest
Traditional Family Portrait

5. Make sure that everyone is connected by way of hands, hmmmmm looks like someone is breaking the rules in this one.

6. End your traditional family photo shoot with the classic Grandparents / Grandchildren portrait
and make sure everyone STANDS PROUD!!
Grandparent / Grandchildren portrait

November 27, 2010

Paul’s Senior Portraits

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We did Paul’s senior photos in Charleston SC.  What a day it was. Here are a few of our favs.

Check out the light in this (its very etherial)senior photo in Charleston
Fight Club? This was taken in a parking garage where Paul was changing clothes. Very little light. There was only a sliver of light overhead. He looked so tough in this shot. One of my favs.
Senior photoshoot in parking garage
You may notice that these shots are taken in Charleston. We are so blessed to have this beautiful city so close to us.
Battery at night in Charleston SC
This one was towards the end of the shoot. We took Paul out for a bite after the shoot and got to enjoy his company.
Charleston fountain at night on the Battery

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