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June 8, 2013

Double Exposure “The Fall of Eve” with Victoria Henley

A double exposure (or multiple exposure) is when you expose the same frame of film more than once. Kind of like drawing two images on top of each other using one piece of paper. Hope that makes sense. The following editorial contains three double exposure photos from the shoot. They are pretty obvious and easy to spot……… Enjoy!!!

Model: Victoria Henley from “Americas Next Top Model Cycle 19”
Stylist: Tyson Keanum
Environment: Columbia Antique Mall
Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID and Mamiya AFD 645 II
Lighting: Ambient & Profoto D1’s
Film: Kodak Portra 160 & Kodak Portra 400 both shot at box speed

Theme of editorial: The Fall of Eve

The Temptation of Eve

“Sin” – The turning away


The Uprising

The Uprising 2


Self Loathing



Self Serving




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February 21, 2013

In Studio Silver Session

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If you follow us on a social media site such as “Facebook” or “Twitter” your going to know that we love incorporating film into our photography sessions.
In fact the fashion link on our website is 90% film work and our storefront / gallery has a section dedicated to film. We want to talk about one of our
in studio photography sessions. We call it the Silver Session. It lasts 90 minutes and is exclusively photographed on Black & White medium format film
and then hand processed and scanned in at a very high resolution enabling extremely large prints. We can’t express how timeless these images feel.
Everyone that has viewed the prints from these photo sessions have always associated the look with “Old Hollywood.” The great thing is
that it really is for everyone. Women as well as Men. This type of photo session gives that extra touch of style and grace to a woman and at the same time
can yield a harder edged, contrasty rugged look that Men prefer by simply switching the type of black and white film we shoot with. Well it’s not that simple,
but you can trust us with the technical side of photography. Check out the samples we’ve attached to this post, but keep one thing in mind.  A digital pic viewed on
the internet lacks a tremendous amount of resolution and quality as compared to the physical print — Either way we do feel that you deserve this and that you will be thoroughly impressed.
Maybe even enough to schedule a Silver Photography Session with us.

This was from a Location Silver Session for a fashion magazine editorial- We loved it so much that we now have a 30×40 print of this in our Gallery.

In Studio Silver Session Film: Kodak Tri-X 400  We have a 16×20 print of this in one of our window displays so you can view anytime your in the area.  “Water Mark is for copyright use”

So there you have it!

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
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August 29, 2012

Great Testimonial & Review from Faithful Foods Inc.

Kudos to KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography on far exceeding my lofty expectations with their insightful, incredibly creative photographs of my Faithful Foods products. Food photography can be quite complicated even though the subject matter may be very simple. For each of our gourmet product shots a tremendous amount of thought, creativity and skill was needed to guarantee the perfect picture-one that best expresses the quality, color, texture and taste of our foods. This was accomplished for each product from the simple shots of the packages themselves with no hint of a shadow to the incredibly rich and spicy fruit “sal-suh” which actually makes your mouth water!

Each product was photographed in such a way so as to best entice our customers into sampling our foods and eventually purchasing them. A number of the photos have been posted on Faithful foods inc. on facebook. Each has received rave reviews and has actually driven traffic into the store

KLinh (Kendell Linh) and Evelyn Grace are an incredible team each with their own set of skills and talents and a harmonious marriage (literally and figuratively speaking) of talent, enthusiasm and creativity. They have a speedy turn around time, and an attention to detail rarely seen now. They shoot in incredibly high resolution so photos of all sizes are available, from small framed selections to eye popping billboards. They also have an extensive array of top notch state of the art equipment to handle your every photographic need and now have a top notch studio for product and commercial work. I look forward to future photo shoots with KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography and highly recommend them to anyone who wants their product photography to be truly outstanding!

Heidi Black, President Bringing You Baskets and Faithful Foods, Inc.

Serving the Midlands since 1986. 803.957.3602 info@faithfulfoods.com




KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
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The Shoppes at Flight Deck
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May 2, 2012

Seasonally appropriate – High School Senior Photography

Many times we get asked – or – told that “This is wedding season and you must be busy.” Our response is merely: Sure there are more popular times of the year than others, but we cover weddings all year round. In other words – Love and Weddings do not have a particular season. However – do you know what does? do ya? do ya?…….. Graduating seniors!! Yippe!!!

Which is why this blog entry is entitled “Seasonally appropriate”
The following book layout is a design of a Cap’n’Gown Senior photography session we did several weeks ago. If you’ve been to our portrait website and visited the featured books then you most likely have seen this layout. This family is very close to Evelyn and I. The mother in the session was my (KLinh) nurse when I was not feeling up to par several years ago. That’s how we met and we’ve been close ever since. In fact, she was here at the studio this morning to pick up a print order. 🙂

Book Cover

Check out the bird that made it into the exposure – off to the right

And that is how we roll out a Cap’n’Gown high school senior photography session!!

Thanks for viewing!

Don’t forget to schedule your Senior Photography Session.
Remember: The difference exists only in refinement.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington. SC., 29072

September 13, 2011

A Wedding Shoot? What is a Wedding Shoot?

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One of the main things that married couples say to us after they have seen our photography is “We wish we could get married all over again just to have you do our wedding photography.” Wow! that’s quite the compliment. It’s also probably just their way of opening up further friendly conversation in which case we usually say “Have you ever considered doing a special wedding shoot?”

Wedding Shoot: Simply put…..Many times after the couples wedding day ceremony is completed….they get whisked away with their photographer to do a special location photography session, which usually entails about 45 minutes if they are lucky. This is when most of the WOW! shots get captured. The most romantic part of the day. The vows have been made and a sigh of relief sets in. A wedding shoot is like that part of the day without the stress, without the guests, without having to abide by timelines and time restraints. We have had couples who have not been able to afford us for their wedding day, or our schedules just didn’t match. They have come to us for a wedding shoot. Take a look at the “Kristi and Cameron” shoot in the book section of our website. They are also in the post before this. For whatever reasons, they didn’t have a photographer on their wedding day. KLinh Evelyn Grace to the rescue 🙂 Most times couple don’t even get the 45 min window for the shoot and with our wedding shoot they got several hours. Go ahead…click the link…we promise you will be pleased.   Here it is again:  Kristi and Cameron

So what we are saying is, no matter how long you have been married…you can still have the Wedding photography you have always dreamed of (clear throat……Klinh Evelyn Grace Photography ) and yes, even a wedding book. What a wonderful romantic event this would be.


Thanks everyone 🙂

No photographs this time except if you click the links.

June 8, 2011

Here is a breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

We believe that every business should have some kind of value system that in some way represents the company as a whole. If you haven’t been to our website, we have these listed in short on our about us page.  We thought it would be nice to provide a more detailed description of that list with this blog entry.

So here is our list.   We’d be curious to know what your list is. 

About Us as Wedding Photographers:

1. We are two professional photographers working as one to provide you with the best wedding photography experience possible: We are not competing with each other here, we believe that in most circumstances, when we photograph a subject, we are posing and positioning them for the best light and camera perspective possible and to us that usually means one angle. Either one of us can take the proper exposure. Please keep in mind the phrase “most circumstances”.   Also consider this: Isn’t one great photographer better than 50 bad ones?

We are here to bring out the beautiful in you: We photograph normal everyday couples whom are getting married and seek us out for what?  To make them look what?  horrible and unattractive? —- nooooooo.  They seek us out for our professionalism and our ability and our vision to make them appear more exceptionally beautiful than they already are in a photograph. An enhancement of reality so to speak. After all, no one really stands in a pose ready for a photograph all of the time. (If you know someone like this, I will right now advise you to advise them to seek advice and possibly do a little research on the word: Narcissistic) To take this statement even further: You may have noticed that on our website in the bottom right corner there is a cross representing that we are Christians and we believe firmly and faithfully in Jesus Christ. Here comes the twist:  We strive to be like Jesus Christ and he see’s the beautiful in everyone, therefore we will see the beautiful in you – Inside and Out.   (You know that us being Christians – we just had to get that in there.)

Your Wedding will be treated and viewed as Fine Art: We believe this has set us apart in the past, it sets us apart now and will continue to set us apart in the future.

We are not here for quantity, we represent quality: Which would you prefer – 50 horrible photographs or one amazing Fine Art Print? Let’s face it, moments come and go and we wish we could capture them all, but it’s the finer moments in life we are trained to capture. We are not going to show up and treat our cameras as if they were machine guns.

We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own:  This brings us back to the Fine Art statement.

Your Wedding Book will be a work of art: We are building and photographing for “Your Book of Love” right?  In our opinion there is no such thing as a professional scrap booker.  Now that’s not accounting for bad taste.  We keep it simple and clutter free. In other words: We believe that each photograph should be able to stand on its own. 

Yes, we are available for destination photography:  hmmmmm, why wouldn’t we be?  We love coconut rum, fine dining in France, wine in Italy, oh how the list goes on.

A DVD or CD is considered a back up and means of storage: We can’t stress this enough. There is now a huge virtual black hole in which beautiful photographs have disappeared into. We encourage physical prints. We as photographers owe that to you as our clients. We feel that the consumer as a whole has been mislead into believing that receiving a DVD or CD of their wedding day is the best deal there is. We understand the digital format, our workflow is digital, we also understand certain circumstances where budget won’t allow a physical print, however, the end result or intended goal should eventually
be physical. At the very least, be mindful of it. We have so much to offer as photographers, we have so much to be proud of and you as clients deserve our best.

And there you have it – A breakdown of our value system (in a business sense)

KLinh and Evelyn Grace
Fine Art Wedding Photography in SC

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