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March 6, 2013

Fashion Designer J. Ghelardini Collection

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to work with the very talented Fashion Designer Jennifer Ghelardini. We hope to be collaborating with Jennifer as she builds a solid foundation within the industry. Here are a few from the photography session.

“The Melanie Dress”
Spring 2013
J. Ghelardini Collection
Model: Pheadra Taylor
MUA & Hair Stylist: Tyson Keanum
Photography: Yours truly 🙂

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
109E Old Chapin Rd
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February 21, 2013

In Studio Silver Session

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If you follow us on a social media site such as “Facebook” or “Twitter” your going to know that we love incorporating film into our photography sessions.
In fact the fashion link on our website is 90% film work and our storefront / gallery has a section dedicated to film. We want to talk about one of our
in studio photography sessions. We call it the Silver Session. It lasts 90 minutes and is exclusively photographed on Black & White medium format film
and then hand processed and scanned in at a very high resolution enabling extremely large prints. We can’t express how timeless these images feel.
Everyone that has viewed the prints from these photo sessions have always associated the look with “Old Hollywood.” The great thing is
that it really is for everyone. Women as well as Men. This type of photo session gives that extra touch of style and grace to a woman and at the same time
can yield a harder edged, contrasty rugged look that Men prefer by simply switching the type of black and white film we shoot with. Well it’s not that simple,
but you can trust us with the technical side of photography. Check out the samples we’ve attached to this post, but keep one thing in mind.  A digital pic viewed on
the internet lacks a tremendous amount of resolution and quality as compared to the physical print — Either way we do feel that you deserve this and that you will be thoroughly impressed.
Maybe even enough to schedule a Silver Photography Session with us.

This was from a Location Silver Session for a fashion magazine editorial- We loved it so much that we now have a 30×40 print of this in our Gallery.

In Studio Silver Session Film: Kodak Tri-X 400  We have a 16×20 print of this in one of our window displays so you can view anytime your in the area.  “Water Mark is for copyright use”

So there you have it!

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC., 29072

August 16, 2011

Kim and Brett engagement

A Corvette, a 1966 Chevelle or a slew of Harley’s to choose from. We chose the Chevelle 🙂 But seriously, no matter what you choose….always make it about the loving couple. Kim and Brett were  so wonderful and easy to work with. They tolerated the heat that South Carolina can bring and let me tell ya’….it was hot. There was a lot of perspiring going on, which was another reason we tried to do most of their engagement shoot in the evening, besides the beautiful sky at night. We especially love the lake shots with the sunset. The Colors where so amazing. We were originally going to be just doing photography in their swimming pool, but the lake was more inviting and romantic and hey, let’s face it: Not many people have a luxurious lake right off their back yard. Brett and Kim where eager to please as to get the best shots possible for their engagement shoot. Very different from your typical Engagement shoot, but that is what we are known for. We thought we would share some of these with you. Shout out to Kim’s wonderful make up and hair artist “Kimmy” who made Kim look like a movie star in this heat. The photo shoot was a two day process due to the heat, but it leant itself into giving us different looks and a more rounded story. I think we captured the essence of the couple and are looking forward to the Bridal shoot next.  Here is there engagement book in which we designed (shout out to GraphiStudio in Italy as well)

Front cover wrapped hardcover - landscape design

Negative space can have a big impact. And why not start with a big impact.

these images on the pages are so refreshing. Starting to notice a theme?

awww those reflections:)

Brett has the coolest poster in his garage. We had to get the theme. Doesn't he look absolutely dangerous?

Sweet Serenity in the Lake.

Playful in the pool.

Hooray for Kim for being able to take direction with her ears in the pool.Wow! Once again, those beautiful reflections.

Why stop there? We are just drying off....gotta finish the story right?

This seems a little voyeuristic but they knew we where there:)

All I can say is Windex glass cleaner.....Lot's of Windex:)

And this is how you end the book......to be continued....

April 14, 2011

Lauren and Christopher

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