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March 18, 2013


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This past weekend started out with a very fun shoot with “Mackenzie” – We actually began the shoot in-studio, but quickly decided that because of Mackenzie having such a vibrant personality that an environmental shoot would suit her much better. We can’t tell you enough how much we loved photographing Mackenzie. Below are few of our favorite Black and White shots from the shoot.

MUA & Hair: Tyson Keanum
Film: Ilford Delta 400
Hand Processed: Ifosol Developer
Camera Model: Mamiya RZ67 IID with 110m 2.8 lens

So Classic

Personality and a Fabulous Wardrobe.

Thanks for Viewing!!

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC 29072


August 29, 2012

Great Testimonial & Review from Faithful Foods Inc.

Kudos to KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography on far exceeding my lofty expectations with their insightful, incredibly creative photographs of my Faithful Foods products. Food photography can be quite complicated even though the subject matter may be very simple. For each of our gourmet product shots a tremendous amount of thought, creativity and skill was needed to guarantee the perfect picture-one that best expresses the quality, color, texture and taste of our foods. This was accomplished for each product from the simple shots of the packages themselves with no hint of a shadow to the incredibly rich and spicy fruit “sal-suh” which actually makes your mouth water!

Each product was photographed in such a way so as to best entice our customers into sampling our foods and eventually purchasing them. A number of the photos have been posted on Faithful foods inc. on facebook. Each has received rave reviews and has actually driven traffic into the store

KLinh (Kendell Linh) and Evelyn Grace are an incredible team each with their own set of skills and talents and a harmonious marriage (literally and figuratively speaking) of talent, enthusiasm and creativity. They have a speedy turn around time, and an attention to detail rarely seen now. They shoot in incredibly high resolution so photos of all sizes are available, from small framed selections to eye popping billboards. They also have an extensive array of top notch state of the art equipment to handle your every photographic need and now have a top notch studio for product and commercial work. I look forward to future photo shoots with KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography and highly recommend them to anyone who wants their product photography to be truly outstanding!

Heidi Black, President Bringing You Baskets and Faithful Foods, Inc.

Serving the Midlands since 1986. 803.957.3602 info@faithfulfoods.com




KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Commercial Product Division
Located in:
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC. 29072


November 30, 2011

Portraits for the discerning family

Before we get to the main topic of interest, we thought we would sideswipe your frame of mind for a second and implant a baby seed that we will need you to water and nourish in a few moments. Up until now – we at KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography have solely put most of our efforts into photographing weddings. Why? – pourquoi? Well, pardon our french but we find that answer quite simple.  It’s what we love and it happens to also be what we excel at.

So – here is the sideswipe:

  • As wedding photographers – do we ever need to photograph families?  YES!! Every Wedding 🙂
  • Do we have to be top of our game with the way we work with families? YES! Every Moment 🙂
  • Do we love photographing families? YES! Every Exposure 🙂
  1. Do we take pride in every family photograph we do? You Bet!! We rise to it 🙂

Here is the seed we mentioned earlier:

Here is how you water and nourish your seed:
Be a part of our growing family by Scheduling your appointment. We do all location photography, We will sit down with you and build the perfect Fine Art Family Print. Give us a call, email us, or stop by our studio which happens to be opening it’s doors Friday morning at 10:00am.  12.2.02.   See you soon.

Thank You Everyone For Your Continued Support.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography LLC
The Shoppes at Flight Deck
109E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington, SC 29072

August 16, 2011

Kim and Brett engagement

A Corvette, a 1966 Chevelle or a slew of Harley’s to choose from. We chose the Chevelle 🙂 But seriously, no matter what you choose….always make it about the loving couple. Kim and Brett were  so wonderful and easy to work with. They tolerated the heat that South Carolina can bring and let me tell ya’….it was hot. There was a lot of perspiring going on, which was another reason we tried to do most of their engagement shoot in the evening, besides the beautiful sky at night. We especially love the lake shots with the sunset. The Colors where so amazing. We were originally going to be just doing photography in their swimming pool, but the lake was more inviting and romantic and hey, let’s face it: Not many people have a luxurious lake right off their back yard. Brett and Kim where eager to please as to get the best shots possible for their engagement shoot. Very different from your typical Engagement shoot, but that is what we are known for. We thought we would share some of these with you. Shout out to Kim’s wonderful make up and hair artist “Kimmy” who made Kim look like a movie star in this heat. The photo shoot was a two day process due to the heat, but it leant itself into giving us different looks and a more rounded story. I think we captured the essence of the couple and are looking forward to the Bridal shoot next.  Here is there engagement book in which we designed (shout out to GraphiStudio in Italy as well)

Front cover wrapped hardcover - landscape design

Negative space can have a big impact. And why not start with a big impact.

these images on the pages are so refreshing. Starting to notice a theme?

awww those reflections:)

Brett has the coolest poster in his garage. We had to get the theme. Doesn't he look absolutely dangerous?

Sweet Serenity in the Lake.

Playful in the pool.

Hooray for Kim for being able to take direction with her ears in the pool.Wow! Once again, those beautiful reflections.

Why stop there? We are just drying off....gotta finish the story right?

This seems a little voyeuristic but they knew we where there:)

All I can say is Windex glass cleaner.....Lot's of Windex:)

And this is how you end the book......to be continued....

July 16, 2011

Featuring a Beautiful Couture Bridal Book

For this blog entry we thought it would be nice to share with you a recent bridal session that we had the pleasure of photographing. We also want to add that this is a great opportunity for us to present what one of our couture bridal books look like. This couture bridal session took place in Columbia, SC. over a period of about 90 minutes.  We do hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Our designs our extremely simple and stream lined.

So……..let’s unveil the story.

Book cover back on left / spine then front cover

Page 001 Left and 002 Right

Page 003 Left and 004 Right
The detail shots

Page 005 and 006

Page 007 and 008

Page 009 and 010

page 011 and 012 (Love those Shoes)

page 013 and 014 (just love this page)

page 015 and 016

page 017 and 018

page 019 and 020 (this spread is simple in design and thought, but more complicated than you see)

page 021 and 022

page 023 and 024

page 025 and 026

page 027 and 028

page 029 and 030 (Just imagine the mother’s reaction when she turned and saw the last spread)

So there you have it. If we were to describe this particular presentation we would do so like this:

Refreshing, simple and clean. The page layouts with the most drama and impact our designed upon black pages and are strategically placed within the center of the book. The story begins inside and with every page turn the viewer finds themselves moving towards the outside where the story ends with the bride kissing her mother on the cheek. In one word:  Lovely.

Thanks for viewing

and don’t forget to stop by and visit our website at
KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography

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