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June 8, 2013

Double Exposure “The Fall of Eve” with Victoria Henley

A double exposure (or multiple exposure) is when you expose the same frame of film more than once. Kind of like drawing two images on top of each other using one piece of paper. Hope that makes sense. The following editorial contains three double exposure photos from the shoot. They are pretty obvious and easy to spot……… Enjoy!!!

Model: Victoria Henley from “Americas Next Top Model Cycle 19”
Stylist: Tyson Keanum
Environment: Columbia Antique Mall
Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID and Mamiya AFD 645 II
Lighting: Ambient & Profoto D1’s
Film: Kodak Portra 160 & Kodak Portra 400 both shot at box speed

Theme of editorial: The Fall of Eve

The Temptation of Eve

“Sin” – The turning away


The Uprising

The Uprising 2


Self Loathing



Self Serving




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June 9, 2011

Photojournalistic,Traditional or Classical

During a recent meeting with a couple, we where asked….What is your photography style? Photojournalistic or Traditional? Well, this seems to be the hot topic in wedding photography these days. The answer is: ¬†“We are neither. We are mostly of a Classical Style.” We have worked very hard to reach and maintain the classical style and to take it even further – we are very proud and view it as an accomplishment.

Meaning: The artistic style of Ancient Greek Art with its emphasis on proportion and harmony.

Think of us more in the sense of knowing proper photo etiquette. A woman is to be a Lady and a man is to be a Gentlemanūüôā In saying this, our style is to control our situations. We pose and work with our couples for the classical style of photography. We don’t force a pose, we suggest it in a most pleasing, polite and flattering way. We look for proportion and harmony. Everything must simply flow and make sense. Even the ceremony is controlled by the sheer staging of it. The ceremony is rehearsed ¬†the night before and we participate in that as well. Why? well there is always Poise right? However, that may be reserved for an entirely different blog.

So to go just a little bit further lets quickly look at  traditional style and photojournalism.

Traditional: Think of tradition, think of your parents photo album, ¬†– it’s more of what has been done before – for instance, family photos and group shots during the wedding day. Which we do, but in a Classical way. We pose this as well.
Now, one could easily argue that classical has been done before in which I will retort by saying John Wayne and Old Westerns are traditional but by no means are they considered classical. ¬†Classical has a sense of beauty and timeless romance to it. One could also argue that John Wayne is a classic but in a traditional sense, in which case I retort by saying “I get it already”. ¬†Besides, to kill the point: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was classical in every sense of the word and style ¬†and I’m not going to even entertain the thought further by comparing him with John Wayne.

Photojournalism:  Basically casual photography. A voyeur type of feel to it, unobtrusive.  To stand back and let things unfold without your involvement.
There is a time to posses a photojournalistic feel. Oh the feeling of not knowing what is to happen next. The unexpected moments that occur in between all of that. The excitement that anything could happen, The ticking of the clock while you anticipate the next mysterious moment unfold before your eyes without knowing. Even though we prepare the night before, there is always that unexpected moment when something happens to make the most wonderful photojournalistic shot. That is true photojournalism at its best. We love those moments. We are very professional and have the utmost respect for wedding photography. We know when to be involved and we know when to shoot from the shadows.

To sum up our style, we inherit Traditional and Photojournalistic moments throughout the day but we prefer the beauty of Classical Photography. Its Timeless.

Its like this….and I promise I will stop.

Having fine wine in Italy is Classical but having fine wine in Epcot Disney World is not Classical.

Even if I am the only one who gets that joke….Good day!

Evelyn Grace

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