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May 29, 2013

It’s been quite some time since we blogged

We just did a check and the last time we posted a blog was March 18th. That is good in a way that we don’t oversaturate your time, but also bad because it makes it appear that we are inactive – which is exactly the opposite of why there was such a lapse of time since our last post. We are going to try to catch you up within the next week or two.
In short we’ve been busy doing several fashion editorials, test shots for a talent agency, and various other projects.
Here are a few test shots we did with a model for Tout Agency in Charleston.

For our photography friends:
Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID
Leaf Aptus 65
Capture One Software
Profoto D1 Monoblocs 1000ws
Thunder Gray Paper Backdrop
Canvas Backdrop

Thanks for hanging in there with us!!

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July 19, 2011

Our Meet and Greet Room

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Early on in 2011 we were seriously contemplating opening up a storefront. Not only were we serious, we were hours away from signing the lease before God redirected us. As most of our bridal and engagement sessions require travel and are not usually studio related we didn’t want to be tied down to a store front that we would never be present in. Long story short, we didn’t sign the lease. Still not solving our situation, we needed a place to meet our couples that didn’t make them feel uncomfortable. You know that feeling when you enter someones home versus entering a public establishment like a business. So, We decided to section off the very front room of our home as our new meet and greet room. ┬áIt is the very first room – there is a lovely powder room to the right to accommodate our clients and the meet and greet room to the left will be soon adorned with fine art wedding photography. There is no need to venture further into the living space. Prior to this, it was our piano room in which we are blessed to have. This allows us to maintain a professional appearance without the distractions of residential life.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.

This is very close to what couples will see upon entry

A different perspective (up those stairs is the photography studio – where we sometimes shoot as well as finish.)

Thank you for spreading the word.


July 9, 2011

Fun in Columbia with Christina

Meet Christina (shhh…..we photographed Christina and Luke in 2010)
This time it’s just Christina: Luke had the wonderful job of lighting assistant.
Thanks Luke!!!

If you are familiar with Columbia SC., This area is known as the “Horseshoe”

On with the photos:

Still Light Out….

Then the darkness settles in.

And Darker….

And that is when we do this…..

And this….

And last but not least…..

Thanks everyone —- just because it gets dark, doesn’t mean we can’t come out and play!!!

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January 22, 2011

Remember your Aging parents

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This week has been an eye opener on aging people. My parents both caught upper respiratory infections. My mom is in the hospital and my dad should be. The reason he is not is because he is soooo… stubborn. Both my parents are so sick but not too sick to be stubborn and do the things they need to do to get better. While I realize that appetite is decreased, they still need to eat more than a snack bite per day. Its difficult to find foods that they like. Not to mention, hard to make them drink. Therefore they get dehydrated. This all spirals out of control. Then you try to talk to them about the things they need to do. They think your being bossy. Its exhausting to try to keep up with them as you run room to room attending to their needs. Arguing with them and trying to get them to take their medications. (All out of love of course.) Then getting sick yourself, trying to go to work and maintain a family at the same time. You call the ambulance to take one parent to the hospital and the other sits ideally by just existing. This is what my sister has to contend with and did it beautifully and unselfishly. Today I am going to Charleston to assert my power (in love) and give them 90 lashes with a wet noodle. I would like to send out a “BIG THANK YOU” to my sister Linda:) who has worked diligently on their care despite her own sickness. And to God for all of his help and blessing. Not necessarily in that order. To all reading this blog…. remember to take care of your aging parents with love.

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