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June 8, 2013

Double Exposure “The Fall of Eve” with Victoria Henley

A double exposure (or multiple exposure) is when you expose the same frame of film more than once. Kind of like drawing two images on top of each other using one piece of paper. Hope that makes sense. The following editorial contains three double exposure photos from the shoot. They are pretty obvious and easy to spot……… Enjoy!!!

Model: Victoria Henley from “Americas Next Top Model Cycle 19”
Stylist: Tyson Keanum
Environment: Columbia Antique Mall
Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID and Mamiya AFD 645 II
Lighting: Ambient & Profoto D1’s
Film: Kodak Portra 160 & Kodak Portra 400 both shot at box speed

Theme of editorial: The Fall of Eve

The Temptation of Eve

“Sin” – The turning away


The Uprising

The Uprising 2


Self Loathing



Self Serving




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March 12, 2013

Emily Pageant Portfolio (our way)

We have recently had a string of Pageant models in our studio.
We don’t advertise for pageants, but have received some calls to for some portfolio work. Each client expressed a desire to have something different than what was already available in the pageant world. We looked up a few images on google to follow suit, but decided to do things our own way as we were unimpressed. So, We suggested using our Makeup and hair artists who are grounded in the fashion industry and not pageantry to our client and went from there. We got appropriate head shots and full body. Emily is 7 years old (almost 8) and has a charming personality. She reminded us of what Marilyn Monroe may have been like as a child. Here are just a few to show you. This is how we shoot our pageant models.

Head shot. Notice we do not blur or paint the skin. Just a beautiful natural look.

We love this one so much that it made the front page of our website.

All the outdoor shots where done with Kodak Portra 160 film for a softer look. We hand develop all our film and scan them in. We love the wonderful skin tones it gives.

Thank you for viewing.

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March 6, 2013

Fashion Designer J. Ghelardini Collection

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to work with the very talented Fashion Designer Jennifer Ghelardini. We hope to be collaborating with Jennifer as she builds a solid foundation within the industry. Here are a few from the photography session.

“The Melanie Dress”
Spring 2013
J. Ghelardini Collection
Model: Pheadra Taylor
MUA & Hair Stylist: Tyson Keanum
Photography: Yours truly 🙂

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
109E Old Chapin Rd
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August 29, 2012

Great Testimonial & Review from Faithful Foods Inc.

Kudos to KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography on far exceeding my lofty expectations with their insightful, incredibly creative photographs of my Faithful Foods products. Food photography can be quite complicated even though the subject matter may be very simple. For each of our gourmet product shots a tremendous amount of thought, creativity and skill was needed to guarantee the perfect picture-one that best expresses the quality, color, texture and taste of our foods. This was accomplished for each product from the simple shots of the packages themselves with no hint of a shadow to the incredibly rich and spicy fruit “sal-suh” which actually makes your mouth water!

Each product was photographed in such a way so as to best entice our customers into sampling our foods and eventually purchasing them. A number of the photos have been posted on Faithful foods inc. on facebook. Each has received rave reviews and has actually driven traffic into the store

KLinh (Kendell Linh) and Evelyn Grace are an incredible team each with their own set of skills and talents and a harmonious marriage (literally and figuratively speaking) of talent, enthusiasm and creativity. They have a speedy turn around time, and an attention to detail rarely seen now. They shoot in incredibly high resolution so photos of all sizes are available, from small framed selections to eye popping billboards. They also have an extensive array of top notch state of the art equipment to handle your every photographic need and now have a top notch studio for product and commercial work. I look forward to future photo shoots with KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography and highly recommend them to anyone who wants their product photography to be truly outstanding!

Heidi Black, President Bringing You Baskets and Faithful Foods, Inc.

Serving the Midlands since 1986. 803.957.3602 info@faithfulfoods.com




KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
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May 2, 2012

Seasonally appropriate – High School Senior Photography

Many times we get asked – or – told that “This is wedding season and you must be busy.” Our response is merely: Sure there are more popular times of the year than others, but we cover weddings all year round. In other words – Love and Weddings do not have a particular season. However – do you know what does? do ya? do ya?…….. Graduating seniors!! Yippe!!!

Which is why this blog entry is entitled “Seasonally appropriate”
The following book layout is a design of a Cap’n’Gown Senior photography session we did several weeks ago. If you’ve been to our portrait website and visited the featured books then you most likely have seen this layout. This family is very close to Evelyn and I. The mother in the session was my (KLinh) nurse when I was not feeling up to par several years ago. That’s how we met and we’ve been close ever since. In fact, she was here at the studio this morning to pick up a print order. 🙂

Book Cover

Check out the bird that made it into the exposure – off to the right

And that is how we roll out a Cap’n’Gown high school senior photography session!!

Thanks for viewing!

Don’t forget to schedule your Senior Photography Session.
Remember: The difference exists only in refinement.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
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September 13, 2011

A Wedding Shoot? What is a Wedding Shoot?

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One of the main things that married couples say to us after they have seen our photography is “We wish we could get married all over again just to have you do our wedding photography.” Wow! that’s quite the compliment. It’s also probably just their way of opening up further friendly conversation in which case we usually say “Have you ever considered doing a special wedding shoot?”

Wedding Shoot: Simply put…..Many times after the couples wedding day ceremony is completed….they get whisked away with their photographer to do a special location photography session, which usually entails about 45 minutes if they are lucky. This is when most of the WOW! shots get captured. The most romantic part of the day. The vows have been made and a sigh of relief sets in. A wedding shoot is like that part of the day without the stress, without the guests, without having to abide by timelines and time restraints. We have had couples who have not been able to afford us for their wedding day, or our schedules just didn’t match. They have come to us for a wedding shoot. Take a look at the “Kristi and Cameron” shoot in the book section of our website. They are also in the post before this. For whatever reasons, they didn’t have a photographer on their wedding day. KLinh Evelyn Grace to the rescue 🙂 Most times couple don’t even get the 45 min window for the shoot and with our wedding shoot they got several hours. Go ahead…click the link…we promise you will be pleased.   Here it is again:  Kristi and Cameron

So what we are saying is, no matter how long you have been married…you can still have the Wedding photography you have always dreamed of (clear throat……Klinh Evelyn Grace Photography ) and yes, even a wedding book. What a wonderful romantic event this would be.


Thanks everyone 🙂

No photographs this time except if you click the links.

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