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February 26, 2013

Favorites from a recent “Sliver Session”

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Before you view the “favorite photos” in this post I wanted to say that we incorporated a new film. Since Kodak will not be
producing there films anymore we have been on the look out for replacements. The film we used in this shoot is Ilford Delta 100.
As luck would have it, we think we might have found a suitable replacement for the KODAK TMAX line. We actually like this film
a little better. Not much better, but in our opinion, Delta surpasses TMax in several ways.  One being the way the highlights seem to glow.
Now, that could be the developer we used, so the next step for us is to try different developers.

Well, on to the photos:
Model: Madison  — She actually came in for pageant head shots, but aside from the head shots – this is the style that we’ve become known for
and more importantly grown accustomed to. Enjoy!!
MUA & Hair: Tyson Keanum
For those interested further: Madison used our current promotion which incorporates MUA & Hair.  Check out our promotions page on our website.

KLinh’s Favorite

Evelyn’s Favorite

Last look – Check out out her hair glows.

Well there you have it!!  As always, Thank you for following our blog.

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February 21, 2013

In Studio Silver Session

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If you follow us on a social media site such as “Facebook” or “Twitter” your going to know that we love incorporating film into our photography sessions.
In fact the fashion link on our website is 90% film work and our storefront / gallery has a section dedicated to film. We want to talk about one of our
in studio photography sessions. We call it the Silver Session. It lasts 90 minutes and is exclusively photographed on Black & White medium format film
and then hand processed and scanned in at a very high resolution enabling extremely large prints. We can’t express how timeless these images feel.
Everyone that has viewed the prints from these photo sessions have always associated the look with “Old Hollywood.” The great thing is
that it really is for everyone. Women as well as Men. This type of photo session gives that extra touch of style and grace to a woman and at the same time
can yield a harder edged, contrasty rugged look that Men prefer by simply switching the type of black and white film we shoot with. Well it’s not that simple,
but you can trust us with the technical side of photography. Check out the samples we’ve attached to this post, but keep one thing in mind.  A digital pic viewed on
the internet lacks a tremendous amount of resolution and quality as compared to the physical print — Either way we do feel that you deserve this and that you will be thoroughly impressed.
Maybe even enough to schedule a Silver Photography Session with us.

This was from a Location Silver Session for a fashion magazine editorial- We loved it so much that we now have a 30×40 print of this in our Gallery.

In Studio Silver Session Film: Kodak Tri-X 400  We have a 16×20 print of this in one of our window displays so you can view anytime your in the area.  “Water Mark is for copyright use”

So there you have it!

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October 12, 2012

Food Photography – Yummy Desserts

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The following desserts are from today’s food photography shoot. They have such a great fall feeling about them. Perfect for this time of year.
Angela is one of the owners of the Flight Deck Restaurant. This is their 20 year anniversary in business. She is the baker behind these
delicious cheese cakes. We wanted to do something different for these shoots so we incorporated art work that we love. We think it turned out rather well.


You can almost smell the fresh brewed coffee

Evelyn Grace’s personal favorite

Did you notice the Girl serving it?

So if you are having trouble deciding….there is always two to eat. Yum!

Thanks for viewing
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June 21, 2011

Lauren and Christopher Engagement Session

Interesting story behind this one. Lauren and Christopher are not strangers to our cameras. If you have been to our website in the past, then you will surely recognize them. We’ve actually photographed them before as our models. Well here is one for you:  What happens when wedding photographers photograph a couple not yet engaged?  (but madly in love we might add). Result: a couple engaged!!!   How cool is that?

Here are our favs from the shoot in Charleston and ending on Folly Beach.


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