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April 16, 2012

Adding finesse and a touch of class with “Columbia Strings”

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As some of you might know, I am also a pianist and an avid fan of all things music.  Recently, I had the honor of playing with one of the best violinists in Columbia.  This gave me a fresh perspective on how often music is overlooked in planning a great wedding.  Music, is the magic that sets the tone.

I am usually so “focused” while photographing (no pun intended) that I don’t allow myself the luxury of soaking up the atmosphere.  But recently playing with Jarrod Haning from Columbia-Strings reminded me of the difference a masterful violinist can make.  He didn’t just bring music to the ceremony though, he brought masterful emotion.  He was artfully creating the welcoming feeling in the air for the guests.  This wasn’t ordinary playing, this was captivating.  But then again, that is to be expected, he is after all the principal violist for the South Carolina Philharmonic.

The reason I’m writing about this here is because that encounter had me reflecting on the music settings for the other weddings I have shot.  When guests have spent time and money traveling, having them greeted by a CD can seems a bit cold.  I’m not saying that strings are a perfect fit for every wedding, they most certainly aren’t.  The presence of a string quartet communicates a level of style and sophistication that can’t be matched any other way.  There is one general statement I can make about string quartets.  The weddings I have seen that had the greatest emotional response from the guests, were the weddings that had string quartets.  I have seen far more tears of joy in a “string” wedding than in a CD wedding.  Actually, I rarely see tears of emotion in a CD wedding.  It’s not to say that the guests weren’t present and sharing in the moment, but there is something about a skillfully played violin that elicits a deeper emotional response.

If you have any questions about wedding music in South Carolina, I would be remiss to send you to anyone else but Jarrod Haning at Columbia-Strings.

website:  http://www.columbia-strings.com

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