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January 9, 2012

When do I begin? Where do I begin?

Here at KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography we have a saying “Wedding photography should begin the moment you decided to say Yes I will marry you.”  – and why shouldn’t it, right? Well, that takes care of the “When do I begin?” However it doesn’t take care of the “Where do I begin?”

Before you venture on read this:

First let us stress….If you are going to try and save money, this is not the time to do it. This is an event that money is saved up for. This is not an event that money is saved up and then hoarded for. Don’t you agree that this is a time to spoil yourself? So don’t hold back. Be in search for quality and not a good deal. We are encouraging you to be discerning, to know the difference, to see the art in everything – and in that frame of mind, you will then see the value. Yes, this is the one time you should be able to have your cake and eat it to. Trust these words: You get what you pay for.

In all that you just read – know a shark when you see one. In other words: Test the value against the work. Example of a shark sighting: What’s your budget? huh? There is no reason that a vendor should know your financial situation, your budget should never effect the price of the product.
Let the vendor give you a quote based on how they priced out their services and product – then decide. If your budget effects the price then you just spotted a shark. The local supermarket doesn’t know your budget right?  Then there is no reason that your wedding vendor should know. Oh and we might add that yes, it’s ok to check something out even if you cannot afford it. You have walked through a car showroom before right?

Now if you feel it’s safe for you to read on…………

1. The referral: Yes, this is a great place to start and you probably have already heard these words “You have to use my wedding photographer(s).”   a. Is the source of the referral legit – are they discerning, do they know art? b. Make a note to look into the referral. (don’t be lazy here  – we are not trying to just mark one off the list, instead we are in search of the best for you and that requires work – after that you can mark one off the list.

2. Just because someone has a “Professional Camera” doesn’t make them a professional. Check this out: We’ve all seen the American Idol tryout’s right? All of those people are convinced that they are the next best thing right? Everyone has a voice, but only a very few are blessed with one that is golden. The same holds for every career out there.

3. Get past the virtual and on to the physical: Let’s just agree for a moment that physical is always real and virtual is only partially real. In other words – virtual is very questionable. Schedule a physical meeting with your photographer and look at their physical products. Think about this: digitally: One zap and your wedding photography is gone forever. There used to be a thing called vhs tapes and now we have blue ray. What happened to all of those vhs tapes? (don’t answer that – it was a point) Tradition will always be tradition just like the bible will always be the bible. What we are saying is: A trend will always be a trend and until it proves sustainablity it will remain that way. We don’t see cd’s, dvd’s and usb sticks proving any kind of sustainablity.   A physical wedding book goes beyond traditional – it’s in the classical realm. Get it? – We are classical wedding photographers. Side note: a virtual meeting via Skype or FaceTime is acceptable.

4. To be memorized: Don’t settle for your wedding photography on a dvd. That is not a product, that is a disservice.  — now repeat again: Don’t settle for your wedding photography on a dvd. That is not a product, that is a disservice.   Or just read over 3 again.

5. A professional photographer working for you and a friend or family member with a dslr is amazingly different. Even if your family member is familiar with their camera, they also have family and friends at the occasion to distract them from doing the work. Professionals only have one thing on their minds: YOU and the job that you contracted them to do, which is YOU.

6. We often here these words: There are so many photographers out there. HINT: There actually aren’t. Just remember to test the value against the product and you’ll find that the virtual world is just that: virtual.


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