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December 14, 2011

A witness to growth

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Today I was a part of something pretty cool. I’m going to make the assumption that some of you already know that I teach photography and I have one particular student that is exceptional. Well, yesterday this particular student did a quick family session and today he arrived excited to show me the results and do some finishing. Well, here is why I was a witness to growth.
Beginning photography students tend to overshoot and they spend most of their time caught up in culling down the amount of photos to a fair and reasonable amount. The result is that one’s productivity drops and the photographer just accepts that this is just the way it is (So not true!). Today my student showed up with a minimal amount of exposures, thus overcoming the obstacle of overshooting  (SO VERY COOL).  

Secondly, another falsehood that budding photographers make is saying to themselves “I’ll just take the photo and crop it later.” Well, there are so many reasons why this is just bad practice to get into or it just may be a pet peeve of mine and if it is then forgive me, but I’m a hard mind to change. Besides, my #1 reason is that I prefer to shoot a product as close to the end product that I visualize as possible. I don’t like to shoot and fix.  I prefer to shoot and finish, plus again – it cuts into production time. Well, I think you know where this is heading, my student loaded up the photos and most of them (90%) were cropped in camera and on location. Now, in my mind that is a witness to growth!

So what right? That is for you to decide, but as far as I’m concerned “SCORE!!!”

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share a moment.


The promotion part of the blog: Remember to spread the word that we just opened up a new division in our company that involves family and high school seniors. When you spread the word about us you are subconsciously making the choice towards Fine Art Photography, a well thought out composition instead of a mere blast of light. 

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  1. Reading this post on Easter Sunday (for the umteenth time) and thinking “That’s my grandson!” WOW! I could not be more proud.

    Comment by GPB — April 8, 2012 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

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