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November 20, 2011

What’s to come next…..

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Yesterday (11.19.11) we photographed our last wedding of this year. We must say that it was quite an affair. They had an ice sculpture made for the groom, candelabras that surrounded the cake, each room had a dedicated open bar with staff and the main hall was intimately alligned with decorated tables along each side with the wedding cake in the center. There seemed to be a beautiful purple hue in the aura like a low lying fog that set the perfect stage for the reception.

On to the photographs? Hold on……..as we said “we just photographed it yesterday!”

What comes next will be the continueation of a whirlwind left over from the previous days. We still have the storefront to prep. over 25 enlarged prints to mount, frame and display, thanksgiving, Get a sign up above the store, implement and add family and senior portraits to our list, etc. and all this needs to be completed before the 12 days of Christmas. Sorry, we had to get that in there some how, it is the season isn’t it?

So here is what we need you to do

We need you to spread the word, stop in to say “hi” if you see one of us at the store working (we have a ton of window space so you can’t miss us), schedule an appointment, be encouraging, be excited, be discerning, switch over to quality and drop the quantity, get back to something tangible and less of the digital and most of all Praise God for every breath of air (yes we know, the air used to be cleaner, but at least we are still breathing!)

And that is what’s to come next…..

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography
The Shoppes in Flight Deck
190E Old Chapin Rd.
Lexington SC, 29072


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