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September 13, 2011

A Wedding Shoot? What is a Wedding Shoot?

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One of the main things that married couples say to us after they have seen our photography is “We wish we could get married all over again just to have you do our wedding photography.” Wow! that’s quite the compliment. It’s also probably just their way of opening up further friendly conversation in which case we usually say “Have you ever considered doing a special wedding shoot?”

Wedding Shoot: Simply put…..Many times after the couples wedding day ceremony is completed….they get whisked away with their photographer to do a special location photography session, which usually entails about 45 minutes if they are lucky. This is when most of the WOW! shots get captured. The most romantic part of the day. The vows have been made and a sigh of relief sets in. A wedding shoot is like that part of the day without the stress, without the guests, without having to abide by timelines and time restraints. We have had couples who have not been able to afford us for their wedding day, or our schedules just didn’t match. They have come to us for a wedding shoot. Take a look at the “Kristi and Cameron” shoot in the book section of our website. They are also in the post before this. For whatever reasons, they didn’t have a photographer on their wedding day. KLinh Evelyn Grace to the rescue 🙂 Most times couple don’t even get the 45 min window for the shoot and with our wedding shoot they got several hours. Go ahead…click the link…we promise you will be pleased.   Here it is again:  Kristi and Cameron

So what we are saying is, no matter how long you have been married…you can still have the Wedding photography you have always dreamed of (clear throat……Klinh Evelyn Grace Photography ) and yes, even a wedding book. What a wonderful romantic event this would be.


Thanks everyone 🙂

No photographs this time except if you click the links.


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