KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography

July 16, 2011

Featuring a Beautiful Couture Bridal Book

For this blog entry we thought it would be nice to share with you a recent bridal session that we had the pleasure of photographing. We also want to add that this is a great opportunity for us to present what one of our couture bridal books look like. This couture bridal session took place in Columbia, SC. over a period of about 90 minutes.  We do hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Our designs our extremely simple and stream lined.

So……..let’s unveil the story.

Book cover back on left / spine then front cover

Page 001 Left and 002 Right

Page 003 Left and 004 Right
The detail shots

Page 005 and 006

Page 007 and 008

Page 009 and 010

page 011 and 012 (Love those Shoes)

page 013 and 014 (just love this page)

page 015 and 016

page 017 and 018

page 019 and 020 (this spread is simple in design and thought, but more complicated than you see)

page 021 and 022

page 023 and 024

page 025 and 026

page 027 and 028

page 029 and 030 (Just imagine the mother’s reaction when she turned and saw the last spread)

So there you have it. If we were to describe this particular presentation we would do so like this:

Refreshing, simple and clean. The page layouts with the most drama and impact our designed upon black pages and are strategically placed within the center of the book. The story begins inside and with every page turn the viewer finds themselves moving towards the outside where the story ends with the bride kissing her mother on the cheek. In one word:  Lovely.

Thanks for viewing

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