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February 24, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something to Benefit You

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There are certain products that we offer that are such a big hit we just can’t wait for the next couple to come along because we get so excited about it. Well that certain product for us was a guest sign in book filled with photos from our couples engagement session. It was a product that got our couples (and us) psyched up about their wedding photography and gave them (and us) a clear glimpse into how we envisioned their wedding book to be. Well, today when we went to check with that vendor – they no longer offer the leatherette binding that made the book so visually appealing. Oh yes, they offer the photo book, but to us that is just not good enough. So sadly, something is now missing.

Well, now what? We are going to miss that book…….Hours pass….. – light bulb!!! finally a solution!!!

We gave up on trying to find a similar product – that only proved to be a waist of several cups of coffee and many hours of frustration. It was time to move on.

We are not offering a 10 page guest engagement sign in book for the price of $100 anymore.
Instead, we are going with an appetizer item that is so deliciously irresistible that your heart thumps when you hear about it:

Please welcome to our family the 30 page wrapped hardcover book by GraphiStudio (made in Italy) available in white or black with a choice between: 8×12 (vertical), 8×8 (square), or the 12×8 Landscape. Think of it as a mini – pre wedding book.

We are going to go one step further. Our previous special was a free engagement session and with it couples got the guest sign in book along with it for free. Although our new GraphiStudio product retails for us at $350 that shouldn’t effect you because our other vendor dropped the ball. It actually benefits you. The special hasn’t changed – it just has been replaced by a higher quality product and it will still be free for every couple that signs a wedding contract with us for the time being.

KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography


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