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February 21, 2011

Advertising and the tried and true route.

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Let’s talk different forms of marketing for a moment. To us, you can break it down in to two basic forms. The tried and true and the oh so unfamiliar take a chance on the new. I guess the trick is to get them all working together in harmony while trying to figure out what is working and what has to go.

The Tried and true consists of:
1. Word of mouth (hint: you need to advertise your work for word of mouth to work and too make things more confusing, you need work in order to pay for advertising to get word of mouth)

2. Magazines / Publications: Don’t fall into the trap that internet is the only way to go! There is a reason why so many establishments have a budget set aside for publications: It’s tried and true.

3. Internet: this is a tricky field that can be both tried and true and at the same time part of the take a chance on the new.

example 1: Google is tried and true, but only if you can nail the first 1-3 pages
example 2: Bing: take a chance on the new – Right now Microsoft is on an advertising campaign for their google competitor search engine named Bing. They are using the tried and true method of television and publications to sell consumers on a take a chance on the new product. See the irony? That my fellow readers is where things start working in harmony.

Conclusion: Use the tried and true marketing strategy to point to the take a chance on the new marketing strategy – now we are living in perfect harmony – I think…….. I guess we are going to have to try it and see if it proves to be true.

Till next time…..


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