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January 24, 2011

To capture a moment as is or to stage a moment?

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Let me ask you a question:
In photography land, what can you stage, pose or alter until your little heart is content without effecting the core of the photograph?
Here is the clear and evident answer, and it is so cliche: “LOVE”

Evelyn and I have been around enough couples to have experienced the following to be true.

We have bent, twisted, prodded and poked our couples like they were the new innovation during a Cirque du soleil audition and not once have we ever received a complaint. Love always manages to be the core of the photograph.
You know I just typed that with my fingers crossed while my other hand was tied behind my back? 🙂 Got a visual yet? good let’s move on.
We wish every moment during an engagement session or a wedding day were perfect, but the truth is they aren’t!! From a Brides point of view – yes!! They better be, but to Klinh and Evelyn Grace they are never perfect until we make them perfect 🙂 Savvy?
Here are some examples and some handy tips for other wedding photographers!! – yes, we are  giving out secrets because every bride deserves great photography!!!

Q: When the father of the bride enters a room, do we just watch hoping things will unfold?
A: Well they might — but do this instead — tell the bride that this is one of those few moments you have with your Daddy before he gives you away – make it special. Then they approach each other – they hug and you just created a moment. DON’T FORGET TO PHOTOGRAPH IT!!!
Father and Bride

Q: Truth or Dare — Dare: Want to try something hot? – it’s not for everyone
A: Evelyn was very naughty when she told the groom to sit in the chair and then proceeded to tell the bride to boldly flirt with her man. Try some role playing – but be sure to get a feel for your couple first!! We’ve been around for quite a while now that we attract these types of couples (the lovey, touchy, make out anywhere type) — it’s our thing……..try it out……….but remember DON’T FORGET TO PHOTOGRAPH IT!!! — your not a spectator! Your a photographer

Q: Do you see things? and when you see things do you make them happen?
A: Talk to your couples – tell them your vision – they’ll listen!! Por qué?  Because they’ve seen your work and want beautiful wedding photographs. Clear throat….shameless promotion..using KLinh Evelyn Grace photography, from Columbia SC, will ensure you get spectacular wedding photographs and a special designed wedding album made in Italy. Notice the special phrasing for Google SEO:) SHAMELESS!
The following photograph was taken behind the check in desk at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City during the weekend in mid afternoon. Yep you heard it – right smack in the middle of a busy time for the hotel. Did we have to pull any strings? No, people love seeing people in love! – at least we do. First we got the ok from our lovely couple then we politely asked for less than one minute of the hotel’s time. The doors of willingness and participation were open for business.
My point is: Once you get your vision, develop a quick plan then execute it. Otherwise it was just a vision

And of course there are those raw moments that present themselves unaltered because our God intervenes and requests that you step back and capture his true presence “LOVE”

First Dance by Klinh Evelyn Grace Photography State Museum Columbia SC

So to answer the title of this post: To capture a moment as is or to stage a moment? Both of course.

Thanks for reading
KLinh and Evelyn Grace Photography
Wedding Photographers Columbia SC


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