KLinh Evelyn Grace Photography

January 11, 2011

Did anyone notice that today is 1/11/11? Me and my random thoughts.

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Its Jan 11, 2011:) Yippi…I made it. No real significance to it but thought it was cool. Today I could be the “Ice Princess” it’s so cold. Icicles everywhere. The roads are too Icy to drive so we are stuck inside. I decided to do a little editing to keep from cleaning my house:)  The lavender air freshener I have plugged in upstairs is starting to get to me. Its is way too strong and  KLinh has a cramp in his neck/back so I advised him to stay off the computer…wonder if he will listen to me? Anyway, Its kind of nice being snowed in. In the South you don’t expect this kind of weather but it has happened twice last year and once this year so far. Global Warming???? Armani (the youngest cat) decided to venture out yesterday and was a little purrr…plexed that he was sinking into it. Today the snow is so solid he could probably skate on it if he tried. I video taped some of yesterdays outing but I think he would be embarrassed if I put it on Youtube. The snow isn’t as pretty as last year so I decided not to get out and photograph it this time. KLinh is getting the second half of his oral surgery on Thursday so he will be out of commission for a few days again. This is where I state that “drugs are good”:) Hope fully he will do a lot of sleeping. I am the care taker so I will stay home and catch up on some good old Movie watching. I hope everyone has safe travels and has a wonderful year to come. TTFN



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