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November 28, 2010

Lets talk Engagement

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In a previous post we mentioned that this is the time of year most of us look back and reflect while some of us would rather just clean up and move forward.
Well we are a little bit of both. We love to reflect back on the good things the year has provided, but being small business owners, we need to concentrate most of
our efforts on looking forward. Being photographers gives us the advantage of freezing moments throughout the year. How cool is that?

So let’s reflect. Let’s look back on some of our favorite frozen moments in the category of “Engagements” – or “Love Stories” as we like to call them.

ps. the following are from engagements that are open for public viewing. All private engagements through us would never be posted – gotta show the respect 🙂

1. Here is a shot to die for! The only thing planned about this particular shot was this “You guys stay here and kiss like there is no tomorrow, We’ll be over there shooting it”
Little did we know that a Horse and Carriage was going to frame the shot. Well we should have known, after all it is Charleston!!
Charleston Engagement Shoot

2. Yeah – this one ain’t sexy — Story: You really want to know? – Evelyn finds a private back yard, sneaks in (yes – trespasser!!) and makes it her own private studio. She has a habit of doing such things!
Engagement Photo Shoot

3. Too Cool – hey, it’s not always about the bride!
Groom photo in front of barber shop

4. Evelyn catches the stolen moment – no posing, no staging, the shoot was over and we bought them a drink. Well – Evelyn wasn’t done yet This is what Love looks like
True Love

5. Jennie and Brandon are getting married next week December 4th – they are wrapping up our year for us.
About the photo: Taken by Evelyn – She actually saw the cover of their engagement book when she took this 🙂 Oops They haven’t seen their engagement book yet, we will unveil that during the rehearsal dinner.
Engagement Photo

6. So many people have commented on this particular photo: Couple in the back is not Jennie and Brandon – that is a poster outside of the Charleston Place, We Saw it, we loved it, we asked Jennie and Brandon to do the same exact pose in front of it, Traffic saw what was going on, Traffic stopped (even through a green light) applauded when we were done.

7. Kristy and Brent will be getting married next year, but what can I say – Sultry?

8. Something funny 🙂 see that door behind them, well it opened up, Kristy ran and Brent just stood there. The guy behind the door was scared to death when he saw Brent. Let’s just say that Brent isn’t the kind of guy you want standing outside your hotel room door. He handled it graciously though.

9. One thing you will learn about me (K-Linh) I absolutely love negative space

10. Hero gets the girl

11. Girl is happy — Girl is now busy planning her dream wedding 🙂

Thanks Everyone!!!


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  1. As an interior designer, I appreciate creativity and artistry. For years and years wedding photo albums all looked the same! Many photographers seem to be cut from the same cookie sheet! But not K-Linh and Evelyn I encourage all to sit down with a cup of coffee with their loved one, fiancee, or spouse and peruse this website. It is dramatic and sensual, with an air of softness and innocence. In other words, I love it. I envy those who are fortunate enough to know this team!

    Comment by Janie Grubb — December 15, 2010 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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